French Lemon Petite Madeleines – Weekday Treat


Sometimes reading experiences go beyond merely finishing a book. As part of my Christmas fervor, I picked up a bunch of Christmassy books to dive into the festive season. Jenny Oliver’s “The Parisian Christmas Bake Off” is about a baking competition set in Paris. Along with reading the book, I was quite excited about gorging on the recipes that the contestants prepare. Although I’m pretty tied up with the regular Christmas fare, I took some time out to soak in the warmth and devour what the book had to offer. A delightful read, which I will review shortly on the blog.

Today I made these French Lemon Petite Madeleines from one of the recipes mentioned in this Christmas delight. Fresh from the oven, along with a book, and cup of hot tea (black tea with apple and cinnamon) – a perfect trio to counteract the drop in temperatures due to unseasonal rains. There’s nothing like a good book, accompanied with the aroma of baking, to provide warmth and fuzziness on a gloomy winter evening.

When a book goes beyond reading. Will review the book shortly. For now, I’m enjoying eating.


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