Running For Women’s Empowerment


“I’m faster, lighter, more agile, more flexible…How come she gets the medal?” The inquisitive little fellow wants to see and know everything. Or is it just the Pinkathon effect? So I let him borrow the medal for a while.

Pinkathon is an all women’s running event, or rather a festival and celebration of women’s fitness. What began as a simple run in 2012, as a means to get women to focus on their health and fitness, has now turned into a revolution of sorts, with women from all walks of life, across age categories, around the country and the world, gearing up for this annual event. There are various running categories – 3k, 5k, 10k and a half marathon – to enable women from all fitness levels to participate. With each registration, one receives another registration for free – so you can bring another person to run as well – could be your mother, daughter, niece, house help, or just about any female friend.

The race “medals” handed out are these little dolls called “Tsunamika“. Project Tsunamika focuses on the fisherwomen who were affected by the tsunami disaster. The aim of this project was to get them involved in handicraft work, and thereby enable a source of livelihood by selling these dolls.

My cat is generally curious about anything new that arrives in the house, and has the knack of spotting even the tiniest of items. The snoopy little fellow needs to inspect everything. But this time, he took a particular liking for this race medal. It’s almost as if he could relate to the significance of that little doll, and wanted to know all about it. When it comes to racing for women’s empowerment, there’s nothing like the Pinkathon, which truly strives to empower women all around.


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