Creating Magic and Sharing Love

A new book I started reading today, begins with an introduction comprising a beautiful poem. The author found herself abandoned at two weeks of age, at the doorstep of an orphanage. The book is about her “nanny”, a then nineteen year old inmate herself, who would look after the younger orphans and abandoned babies, and the many lives nanny saved. The orphanage withstood the two Wars, where nanny accompanied the children wherever they were evacuated, and vowed to dedicate her life to them. Nanny strove tirelessly over the years to give these children a chance of a home and happiness.

I’m five chapters down, and have a long way to go, but the book is thoroughly heartwarming. Titled “To The Sisters Of Nazareth”, this poem is the author’s tribute to nanny, and the orphanage itself – the source of communal living for so many hopeful children. The shared shelter within, trees and ponds around, the walls hearing their thoughts and feeling their emotions, the doors opening to so many others like themselves, and the very foundation connecting all its residents by love.

Enchanted clocks and mermaids:
Whoever would have thought
Such magic would take place there,
When first the house was bought?
Brick by brick they built it,
Families came and went,
The house stood still and waited
For children to be sent.
It knew somehow there were ahead
Not one but many goals:
To shelter, house, protect, hold dear
And soothe a thousand souls.
High up the wall the clock was hung
And by some magic trick,
Without the need for human hands,
The clock began to tick.
The chestnut tree stood tall and proud,
It whispered on the air:
‘Be ready now and listen well,
The time has come. Prepare.’
The bottom of the garden
The pond shone in the sun.
The reeds all swayed from side to side,
The magic had begun.
The clock ticked in the hallway,
The tree stood tall with pride.
The mermaids gently listened
As the doors were opened wide.
So stay awhile and listen,
And as each page is turned,
Read the stories to be told
And lessons to be learned.
I pray your heart is strengthened,
Your tears are ones of joy,
You feel the magic and the love
For every girl and boy.
Excerpted from “A Christmas Angel At The Ragdoll Orphanage” by Suzanne Lambert


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