Regret vs Anticipation – Out With The Old and In With The New

So we’re almost at the end of the year. Looking back, 2017 was a bit of a setback for me. (At least as far as the fitness goals I had set for the year were concerned). An accident, right in the middle of the year, prevented me from running in as many races, and performing in as many dance shows as I would have liked to. There were other fitness endeavors that I had wanted to try out, like Cross Fit and Bung Fly, which sadly were not meant to be this year. (Fortunately I had got in Powerlifting and Pound before the accident, so I’m not entirely disappointed.) Travel plans were also affected, since moving around was an issue. Recovery has been slow and steady, and I look forward to returning with a bang.

On the positive side, 2017 turned out to be a very bibliophilic year – I had set a target of 30 books on Goodreads, and have completed 43 so far. (Maybe I’ll finish another one by the time the year ends). I also got in quite a bit of painting and craft work (on account of my prolonged rehabilitation – When the body couldn’t be active enough, the brain took over.) A bit of singing also happened somewhere in there – a new department for me. I can dance and play musical instruments, but singing for someone was something I had never done before. This blog was an outcome of the accident – since I was home bound for quite some time, I had to consciously look for ways to be active, without really being active. Writing is not my forte – I think a lot and (try to) do a lot and even talk a lot about the first two, but had never considered putting those down into words. But what better than to attempt the things you fear you’re not good at. And I’m learning as I go; along with connecting with some amazing bloggers out here – readers, runners, dancers, musicians – it’s been a happy time writing and reading and interacting with like minded people from around the world. Now I actually look forward to writing and posting something as often as I can. (Super pleased to sign off the year with a blog post.)

So, 2018 is almost here. Time to set new goals, and get better and stronger at the previous ones. Here’s to looking the new year in the eye, and facing all kinds of obstacles it might throw your way. Fall down, brush off the dirt, and get back on your feet and try again. A very Happy New Year to all. See you on the other side.

R bw
When the world looks at you, look back at the world. Hold your head up high and face the new year head-on. (Life lessons from Razor, the Boxer, and not-so-little baby of the family)



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