Chapter One – Reflections

Chapter One


The first blank page of a 365-page book, that one hopes will turn out to be a well written one.

Spent the day in conversation with myself, filling in my diary, reflecting over the year gone by – what went well, what needs to be worked on, and how to make the new year a better one with a better me. I also began reading a new book titled, “Beyond The Limits” by Bruce Thomas – about the teachings and writings of Bruce Lee, what made him the legend that he was, and his philosophies that we can integrate into our daily lives. Like a one-sided conversation with the Master himself, the book is a fabulous start to the new year. Showing us ways to realize our fullest potential and understand the possibilities before, and within, us.


Imagine a circle. A circle that contains everything within – everything that exists, everything that has existed, or could possibly exist. This same circle is also “0” – a zero representing nothingness. The circle is both everything and nothing – learn from  everything that happened in the old year, and start the new year with nothing.

A new year is a blank book . Pick up your pen and write a beautiful story for yourself.



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