Toe-tappin’, Foot-stompin’, High-steppin’, Heel-clickin’…

…Blink and you’ll miss it!
“May all your shuffle hop steps
dance lightly on your sole,
And may you never experience
a cramp in your roll.”

Tap dancing with Jason Samuels Smith.

Who better to learn from than the master himself! A great dancer, performer, artist and teacher, the New York-based tap dancer & Emmy award winning choreographer was in town, and the opportunity to learn could not be missed! Smith’s visit was for a performance titled “Rhythm Rewritten” – a Tap-Kathak collaboration with kathak dancer Seema Mehta. His itinerary, however, also included a masterclass on tap dancing. It was a treat to train under the man himself. His fluid movements across the floor, rapid footwork, and the range of expressions on his face, combined with his body language, left one awestruck. The breakneck taps were almost blink-and-miss – trying to keep up with one movement, we would lose out on another if we even as much as blinked. The wonderful teacher that he is though, Smith patiently broke down each step and movement and got us through the choreography gradually – putting an end to the awkward foot staring. Cramp roll, shuffle, paddle & roll, stamp, stomp, time step – and a lot more additions to my dance vocabulary, at the end of this much cherished training session.

Talking, joking, teaching, explaining – all without missing a step
Sequential choreography – Each one in the circle does a different step, and the choreography flows through.



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