A Runner-Reader’s Radiant Corner

There can be endless varieties of one single object. This is the “happy corner” in my room. As a runner and reader, some of my race medals and books neatly occupy this space, as a reminder of what I love to do. When you break down this photograph, it all comes down to variants of two objects – a medal and a book. A singular object can be approached from multiple perspectives – something as small as a medal can have an entire story behind its possession, and one as simple as a book can have a vast array of literature contained within its many types.

The medals are of different shapes – circular, rectangular, triangular, oval; made up of metal, wood, and fabric; many are embossed, others are engraved, and a few are painted and stitched. The ribbons provide a colorful display, in satin or cotton, most have the event details printed on them, while a few are plain. And of course, each one comes with a story of that particular race and my experience in running it. Similarly, the books are an eclectic mix – fiction comprising mostly thrillers, horror, humor, some chick lit; and non-fiction made up of languages, history, travelogues, exercise. And this is just one corner – the rest of the home library is as diverse. Running and reading can be quite multifarious too!

7th Nov 2017 (1)

Variations on a Theme

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