No Right Way To Write

“Write as you will
In whatever style you like
Too much blood has run under the bridge
To go on believing
That only one road is right.”

~Nicanor Parra

Writing has never been one of my dominant skills. I can speak and explain things better verbally, rather than put down those same thoughts onto paper/screen. This blog was an outcome of making a concentrated effort to work on this skill I’m not so good at. Chilean poet (as well as mathematician and physicist) Nicanor Parra passed away today at the age of 103. Parra spoke about freeing oneself from conventions, and dealing with the real world. His words hold so much truth – one can write on just about anything, with nothing being right or wrong. I like sports, dance, music, books, animals, art, and these are the topics I have been writing on, so far. Maybe I’ll gradually attempt poetry or short stories, depending on where my creativity takes me. But for now I write on subjects I know and like, the skills I possess, and the ones I’m working on.

Whether pen on paper, or fingertips on a keyboard, all it takes is a little effort.
All skills are not equally dominant. Reading has made me good at Scrabble, though writing needs to be worked on.
writing (1)
Drawing some inspiration from Calvin.
Work on the skill rather than the designation. I don’t need to be a runner, I just need to run.
Paying heed to Voltaire and putting those words onto paper/screen.
Getting there gradually.
A skill to be worked on like anything else.


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