100 Days of Running

Some time ago I had enrolled for the 100 Days of Running challenge – an initiative by the sporting giant Adidas, that required participants to run for a hundred consecutive days.  The criteria to ensure successful completion of the challenge were: run at least once a day (you could split your daily mileage into two runs if you wanted), no upper limit but a minimum distance of two kilometers had to be run daily, login details were provided by the event organizers where daily distances had to be uploaded on their event website, you could run anywhere you wanted to in the world, no walking allowed, other sports could be continued as usual provided the minimum daily mileage requirement was met.

I generally like trying out events at different venues, to be challenged on different routes and terrains. But the hundred days challenge made me step out even during regular runs to explore in and around the city. From sea-facing routes to highways and salt pans, I made a conscious effort to run in new places, and bring in some variety in the daily runs. Not to be left out, races offered their own set of challenges – From super chilly climate in the hills, to the hot and humid race track of a night run, and heavy downpour at a monsoon road race, running pitted me against the elements, and taught me to endure and come out stronger.

The best part of the challenge was the minimum daily requirement of 2 kms (1.24 miles), thereby ensuring that other workouts were not compromised. On days of strength training, stretching, core work and other workouts, I could run easily run the two kilometers to make up the bare minimum mileage and stay injury free. I even did dance shows and managed the daily rehearsals along with running, since the 1.24 miles were manageable on these days and enabled me to stay in the challenge, without affecting dance practice.

The 2018 edition will be coming up in April, and I look forward to Enroll and partake in this challenge again.

Running in the sun and rain, day and night, on road and trails.
The medal and official event tee provided to all successful finishers of the challenge.

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