Midweek Musings – Childhood and Puppyhood

This one’s from the archives. Featuring me with two of my dogs as babies (It has been years since they passed away). Three Bewildered faces placed in front of the camera. We had found the pups at an abandoned building and adopted them. They had just about opened their eyes at the time  – I don’t think they could see or interpret much about why they were seated in front of a cake with two flags. Me? I was in charge of holding them in position with the cake with two flags. Looking back at this picture, I still don’t know what we were up to – that’s my brother beside me, and a cousin at the back. I remember the puppies’ names were written on those flags, but have no idea what the cake was doing there – they were surely not a year old to be celebrating a birthday. Some mysteries just remain mysteries.



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