Travelling The World Through Pictures

Mumbai! Featured in the image is the BWSL – the Bandra Worli Sea Link – that connects the suburbs to South Mumbai. This particular picture was taken from the Bandra Fort, also known as “Castella de Aguada” (Portuguese for “Fort of the Waterpoint”), built by the Portuguese in 1640 as a watchtower overlooking the Arabian Sea and Mahim Bay. The fort is presently accessible to the public, and some of us meet here for early morning yoga sessions – an informal class; just a small group of yogis and yoginis. We climb up before sunrise, and the view is absolutely breathtaking when the sun comes up – You have the sea in front of you, pretty clouds above all white and fluffy in the morning light, and that spectacular cable-stayed bridge that seemingly stretches endlessly on either end. Connecting the Western suburbs to the South of the city, the total length of the bridge is 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles). The world renown (among runners at least) Tata Mumbai Marathon (formerly known as the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon) comprises this magnificent marvel as part of the route – the only time of the year when  pedestrians are allowed on it on foot. I love how those cables form an “M” when you look from afar – shouting out “Mumbai”!

23rd Dec 2017 (4)

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