Celebrating Book Love – Pre Valentine’s Day

Book lovers not only love collecting and reading books, sorting and shuffling and admiring their shelves, but also insist that others do the same – whether the other person likes books or not. (How can they not?) Weekends call for some cleaning, dusting and rearranging of books. In keeping with the Valentine season, I tried to set up a pile of relevant books. Considering romance is not one of my preferred genres, I couldn’t find anything, and decided to go with the color scheme instead. And since the red pile looked so bright and happy, I started paying close attention to other book covers and see how many more of these colored piles could be created. These are not all of my books; just the ones in close reach after the radiant red was created. I couldn’t manage the seven colors of the rainbow, but I did construct seven colorful book piles. Check it out! I Insist 😀

The Valentine’s pile – None of these books have anything to do with romance. Although they do represent my love for chocolates, animals, literature, health, and Tom Hanks.
Yellows and chromes – Reading, running, eating healthy, working out right, all keep you sunshine bright.
It’s never a blue day when you have books – They take you to new lands, meet new people (or even animals), whether on foot or vehicle, playing it safe or diving into adventure.
White covers tend to turn cream/yellow over time, but they lend a sense of calmness to their shelf.
My favorite color. This one surprised me – I don’t read too much of chicklit and didn’t think there would be many covers in pretty pink.
A difficult pile to create – Greens come in many variants. And not a very common color for book covers, I noticed.
Oh-so-classy black! I went a tad overboard with this one, but the color is so striking.

Once you’re through with the colors, check out the titles too. Has anyone read any of these? You might also want to try creating your own book piles and see how many colors you can come up with.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Book Love – Pre Valentine’s Day”

  1. So fun! I love bookshelves where the books are arranged in a rainbow. I’ve read a lot of books, but none of the same titles as you. Which one of your running books did you enjoy the most?

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    1. Born To Run (from the blue pile) is my favorite book on running. Running Like A Girl (pink pile) is a fun read as well. I’ll make a separate pile of my running books – there are lots of them. : )


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