Complicating The Simplified – One Too Many Steps At A Time

Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg, more popularly known as Rube Goldberg, was an American cartoonist, sculptor, engineer, inventor and author. Goldberg is best known for his series of cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in convoluted ways. Goldberg received a Pulitzer prize for his political cartoons in 1948. He was the founding member of the “National Cartoonists Society”, and the Reuben Award that the organization presents to “Cartoonist of the Year” is named after him. Rube Goldberg Machine Contests are internationally organized competitions that challenge participants to invent complicated machines performing simple tasks.

Goldberg’s inexhaustible reservoir contained elaborate contraptions that mutated the simplest of tasks into ingenious feats. Have a look at some of his cartoons/creations.

Sketched in 1931.
From the book, “The Art of Rube Goldberg”.



Rube Goldberg Cartoon




An advertisement of 1916.
A 1934 portrait of the man himself by James Montgomery Flagg.

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