February Reads – Books That Defined The Month

2018 started off with some fabulous books, and February was able to keep up the trend. Though the number of books read this month were fewer than the last one, I console myself with the fact that February does have fewer days than January. I managed to get in a good mix of non-fiction and fiction, with literature from around the world. These are the books that were completed in February. I’m adding in the links to the reviews for the ones I have written; the rest will be posted shortly. (Reading speed is always faster than writing speed. And, not being a writer means greater trouble to sit and type something.) Here’s what happened this month:

1) Nikola Tesla – Sean Patrick
2) Out With Lanterns – Alisha Kirpalani
3) A Time to Dance – Padma Venkatraman (review coming up)
4) Memory – Philippe Grimbert
5) The Girl with the Green Tinted Hair – Gavin Whyte
6) My Booky Wook – Russell Brand (review coming up)
7) Korma, Kheer & Kismet – Pamela Timms (review coming up)
8) Million Dollar Women – Julia Pimsleur (review coming up)
9) Poonachi – Perumal Murugan
10) A Dog’s Tale – Mark Twain
11) Vyasa – Sibaji Bandyopadhyaya
And these were the January reads, in case anyone missed out and would like to have a look.

6 thoughts on “February Reads – Books That Defined The Month”

  1. […] 1) The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/the-yellow-wallpaper-book-review/   2) Second Thoughts – Navtej Sarna https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/second-thoughts-book-review/   3) Mambo in Chinatown – Jean Kwok https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/mambo-in-chinatown-book-review/   4) Fence – Ila Arab Mehta (review coming up)   5) The Siege of Warwan – Major General G.D.Bakshi (review coming up)   6) A Cherry Sinister Murder – Nancy McGovern and Cyra Bruce https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/03/18/a-cherry-sinister-murder-book-review/   7) Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains – Antonia Bolingbroke Kent (review coming up)   8) The Pothunters – P.G.Wodehouse (review coming up)   9) The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida (review coming up)   10) How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran (review coming up)   These were my January and February reads, if anyone would be interested in looking up more titles and/or authors. https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/january-reads-books-that-started-2018/ https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/02/28/february-reads-books-that-defined-the-month/ […]


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