Poetry – The Most Distilled and Most Powerful Language

Some poetry about poetry on World Poetry Day. (The composer is Vibha Hasija, a professor of Nutrition, and amateur poetess. Her collection is titled “Soul Songs”.)

Poetry is power.
She can be a mother with her new born –
Love pours in, the infant thrives
Or she can carve the heart and rip it out,
let it bleed, on the brink of life

Poetry is wisdom.
She can twist off the cap of the bottled obsolete
effortlessly, with a wrist flick, straight spine
and scalpel words that skin gnarled thoughts
to let light, birth the fresh and sculpt the mind

Poetry is love.
She can allow a heart to understand songs
sung from depths and from a distant place
She is velvet, lace and loving shadows in moonlight
and brokenhearted wails of hurt trying to find solace

Poetry is magic.
The allure of words strung with craft
She paints pictures of life, precise and true
Emotions divine, dance on her finger tips in tune
with layers of hope, truth and different views

Poetry is Freedom.
She may follow rules or may battle and rebel,
may rhyme or let words cascade on her page
Slices of life, spilling in line to rules set by her
with wings and sails, to set afire history’s stage

Here’s hoping that many more fall in love with poetry – a literary work that gives form and shape to feelings and ideas that are intangible and Invisible to the eye, but crave to be expressed.


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