Beauty Is In The Heart, Not The Face


~Benjamin Zephaniah

You have to look beyond the face
to see the person true
Deep down within my inner space
I am the same as you:
I’ve counted since that fire burnt
the many lessons I have learnt.
You have to talk to me and not
the skin that holds me in,
I took the wisdom that I got
to make sure that I win:
I’m counting weaker folk than me
who look but truly cannot see.
I’ve seen compassion from the blind
who think with open eyes
It’s those that judge me quick you’ll find
are those that are unwise:
Why judge the face that I have on
Just value my opinion.
Friends will come and friends will go,
now I need friends who feel.
My friends have changed so much and so,
I make sure they are real:
I took the ride and paid the price
I can’t afford to do that twice.
I came to here from ignorance
I cannot call it bliss,
And now I know the importance
of loving me like this:
To leave behind that backward state
of judging looks is very great.
I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful
this minor fact I know,
I tell you it’s incredible
near death has made me grow:
Look at me, smile, you are now seeing
a great thing called a human being.

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