Open A Book And Travel The World

“That’s the thing about books. they let you travel without moving your feet.”

~Jhumpa Lahiri

No matter how much one might love to travel, with home and work responsibilities given priority, the wanderlust needs to be kept in check at times. When destination holidays, and road trips and vacations are not an immediate possibility, that’s where books vicariously help us travel. Books offer ingenious ways to get ones fix of travelling to distant places, meeting new people, and immersing oneself in various cultures – all from the comfort of ones couch or desk. Books offer options for all sorts of trips, without having to move an inch. One can go backpacking, or mountaineering or sailing; across the world, into space or through the galaxy; from deserts to ice caps, ancient cities or islands – all it takes is to open a book.

Foreign locations are easily accessible by the flip of a page. A quick glance across a single shelf can take me from China to Lebanon, across Ethiopia and Ireland, with Egypt, Japan and France thrown into the mix. The entire collection would be another story altogether. If anyone else has decided to be an armchair traveller this weekend, which foreign locale is your current read taking you to? I’m presently reading a book on martial arts, and we are in Thailand discussing Muay Thai.


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