The Pages Of A Book – The Best Place To Be In.

Books take you places. They need place for themselves as well. When every micrometer of bookshelf space is filled up, the Kindle really comes to good use in stocking up additional titles. The first picture below is just one of the cabinets filled with my books. They’re scattered in different places around the house – separated according to genre, size of books (smaller ones on higher shelves, heavier ones on lower shelves), academic and technical books, leisurely reads, immediate reads versus distant reads. As a rule, I keep non-fiction as paperbacks and fiction on Kindle. But somehow I constantly seem to run out of space – so many new books are being written, to add to the recommendations of older ones I receive from friends. The books on shelves are anyways sorted and shuffled every other month or so. Now I’ve started beautifying the Kindle as well – there are so many books, it’s getting difficult to keep track of what I have and what has been read from the lot. This weekend I transferred them all on to the desktop, and renamed them starting with title, year of publication, and name of author – as seen in picture two. Subsequently, the lot was transferred back into the Kindle. Plus, I’ve made folders according to themes, so it’s easier to find a particular book or browse through  a particular genre. Some good friends whose recommendations I value also have folders under their names. Time to make maximum use of every Micro-millimeter of e-reader space.

17th oct 2017


4 thoughts on “The Pages Of A Book – The Best Place To Be In.”

    1. I succumbed a couple of months ago, when I realized I was putting off picking up books due to lack of physical space.
      That pic is borrowed. My READ wouldn’t look that neat. In all likelihood, I’ll fill in the spaces within R, A and D, and E would have it’s own stacks on each line. 😛

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