March Memories – Books Of The Month

A summary of my reading habits for the month of March. Six fiction, four non-fiction; three books about India (on track with my reading goals of thirty-six in a year); six books by women writers (in keeping with the month that celebrates International Women’s Day). I could manage fewer books this month, and wasn’t able to write reviews for all of them. I guess this serves as a Warning that I need to write as I read – dilly-dallying to find perfect writing conditions, and getting distracted by new books, just adds to the overall workload later. These were the books I completed, along with the links of their reviews. I’ll get down to the rest pronto!

1) The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman
2) Second Thoughts – Navtej Sarna
3) Mambo in Chinatown – Jean Kwok
4) Fence – Ila Arab Mehta (review coming up)
5) The Siege of Warwan – Major General G.D.Bakshi (review coming up)
6) A Cherry Sinister Murder – Nancy McGovern and Cyra Bruce
7) Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains – Antonia Bolingbroke Kent (review coming up)
8) The Pothunters – P.G.Wodehouse (review coming up)
9) The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida
10) How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran
These were my January and February reads, if anyone would be interested in looking up more titles and/or authors.

5 thoughts on “March Memories – Books Of The Month”

  1. […] 1) Son Of The Thundercloud – Easterine Kire   2) Hayavadana – Girish Karnad   3) The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (Review coming up)   4) Taking Flight – Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince   5) Jeeves And The Wedding Bells – Sebastian Faulks (Review coming up)   6) Mother, Where’s My Country? – Anubha Bhonsle (Review coming up)   7) Swimmer Among The Stars – Kanishk Tharoor (Review coming up)   The links below are to the books I read in January, February and March, if anyone is interested in looking up more titles and/or authors. […]


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