The Joy Of Running

I saw a picture today of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami’s creation titled “Flowers, flowers, flowers” (2010). Known as the “Warhol of Japan”, Murakami’s works focus on fine art and popular culture. “Flowers, flowers, flowers” is an acrylic canvas painting, that comprises a multitude of flowers with smiley faces, in various hues filling up the entire frame.

The word “Smile” to me is associated with the things that make me happy. When I do something that brings joy to myself or a loved one, that puts a smile on my face. Long distance running is one of the activities that keeps me happy. I love being on on the road, running for hours at a stretch, organizing my thoughts in solitude. Being a marathoner also gets me acquainted with fellow runners pounding the pavement like myself.

This particular picture was taken during Halloween. Our running group here organizes a city-wide running event every month – an unofficial run that brings the running community from around the city together on one common route. Water, energy drinks, snacks and other eatables, including the post-run breakfast are provided. But there are no bibs or timing chips, and a nominal charge is levied to cover up the basic costs incurred for the refreshments. Every month one runner is in charge of organizing the event for that month. This is entirely voluntary, and is a way of giving back to the community. I was responsible for November 2017 – the first Sunday of the month that fell on the Halloween week. I couldn’t run the entire route on account of having  to manage the behind-the-scenes work. This picture was clicked when I did a little jog from one water station to the other. The theme for the month being Halloween, we were all in costume – hence the non-runner attire. I went as Wednesday Addams (from the Addams Family), but it was too cumbersome to tie braids early in the morning. (I started earlier than most others, to ensure everything was organized for the ones running.) It was a fun-filled day doing something I love, for people who love the same thing. What are some of the things that make you smile?

“Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running.”

3 thoughts on “The Joy Of Running”

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