Fondly Remembering Food – Doodh Na Puff

Reminiscing about traditional cuisines –  not made by me, but relished while on holiday. Has anyone here tried “Doodh Na Puff“? The closest English term is “Milk Froth“, and the delicacy can be described as “airy clouds of sweetened milk froth”. It is a  milk-based beverage of the Parsi community, traditionally prepared in winters and popularly known as the “Winter Wake-up Caller”.

Full cream milk is boiled at twilight, sugar is added and the mixture is boiled again for five minutes. This is then cooled, covered in an airtight glass bowl, and refrigerated overnight. Rose essence and/or ground nutmeg can be added for fragrance and flavor. (This is optional). Early the next morning the mixture is beaten with an egg beater or whisked till froth develops. The froth needs to be spooned into a glass and served immediately.

The entire procedure is required to be performed between sundown and sunrise. In the olden days, the sweetened milk was poured into a pot and hung overnight from a tree – with the belief that it would be brushed by moonlight and blessed by the morning dew. The doodh na puff needs to be served and consumed before sunrise, or else the froth collapses quicker as the day draws on.

Delicious airy clouds 😍
IMG_7416 Doodh Na Puff (milk froth)
No time to waste on photography – the puffs begin to collapse as the sun rises. 😔
Note to self: Do not get distracted by books when doodh na puff is served. 😓

P.S. Doodh na puff is calorically dense on account of its pure cream and sugar content. In my defense, this holiday was planned post a marathon race, and I was replacing the energy utilized in running 26.2 miles (42.195 kms). 😇

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