Share. Connect. Create. Inspire.

So, WordPress notified me that the blog-post I wrote yesterday was my 200th post, and my seventh month of blogging. Somehow I missed the half yearly anniversary to summarize what I’ve been up to since I started blogging. This blog was started as an outcome of an accident – since I couldn’t move around or do anything strenuous, I began looking for ways to pass the time stuck indoors. Reading, painting, watching movies, craft got monotonous after a while and I was itching to try something new. I am not a writer by profession. I read a lot, and all my writing until then had been technical articles for work, and of course the research findings I had to type out as part of my thesis submission. This blog was never created as a showcase of literary skills, but rather as a Glimmer of my ability to put down in writing anything that comes to mind, or an activity I indulge in, or something new I learn. I write about what I do – running, dancing, reading, martial arts, cooking, music and the style is usually conversational – if you were in a conversation with me, that’s how you would receive the information. Some of the articles are technical, about causes I feel strongly about. Sometimes I don’t even write and just share jokes or comics or photographs or quotes – anything on my mind that I think of sharing with the world. A big thank you to all the readers who follow my blog –  it has been so great connecting with like-minded people (readers, athletes, musicians), and I have learnt a lot interacting with many of you. What started off as a way to pass the time, is now something I look forward to. (It came as quite a shock that I had written two hundred blog posts – somehow it never felt like I had blogged so much in just seven months.) For today, let’s enjoy some humor. Calvin never fails to bring a smile on the face. Happy weekend to all!



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