A Birthday Song With A Literary Twist

“While there may not be a book in everyone of us, there is so often a damned good short story.”

~Jeffrey Archer

So, it’s Jeffrey Archer’s birthday today. For most of us, a Happy Birthday Song would suffice. But when it comes to an international bestselling author, we need to put on our thinking caps to pay a tribute to this wizard of words. One of the members from our book club penned down these lines, interweaving the titles of Archer’s books to mark the occasion of his birthday.

“You started with ‘Not a penny more, not a penny less’. It was a ‘Matter of honor’ when you were regarded as a master storyteller. You proved that the pen is ‘Mightier than the sword’ and it is no longer the ‘Best kept secret’.

‘The twist in tale’ occurred when you became a ‘Prisoner of birth’ which led to a lot of ‘False impressions’. However, ‘As the crow flies’, you have proved time and again that you are a ‘Son of fortune’.

‘To cut a long story short’, you have traversed on the ‘Paths of glory’ several times. Your fans eagerly await your next bestseller. ‘Only time will tell’ about your upcoming titles.

In the meantime, a very Happy 78th!”



The creative literary birthday wishes are courtesy Swetha Amit – a journalist, marathoner, triathlete, and of course, avid reader and a highly contributing member of our book club.

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