My City, My Dogs

This was my read for the day! I can’t technically call this a book review, since it’s a children’s book. But it’s about dogs, and I couldn’t resist reading and relishing it myself. It takes you through the bylanes to meet the street dogs of a city – the roads are their playground, and they have made the city and its people their own.  The dogs featured in the book – seemingly homeless – are actually cared for by numerous city dwellers. Shoeshine men, policemen, street dwellers, vendors – the city looks after them. What stands out in the book are the dual arts of illustration and photography – each chapter features one dog, how it got its name, where it lives. 🐕 So the child is taken on a tour of the city through photographs, as well as builds imagination through sketches describing the dogs.😍 The author is the founder of WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs), that looks after stray animals. Like a Genie looking out for these friendly canines, WSD materializes whenever a stray needs help, and their members are scattered around, familiar with each of the dogs they have treated. 🐾The book is currently available in English, Kannada and Japanese, and has a Level 2 status – for children who can recognize familiar words, and can read new words with help. The aim of the book is to sensitize children to the needs of stray animals – placing bowls of water outside apartments during summer, identifying sick or injured animals and reporting them to WSD members, organizing garage sales or helping in other ways to raise funds to treat these animals. We can’t grant them all their wishes, but we can help in any little way we can. The book recommendation is for children, but adults who like dogs can enjoy this as well.



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