Yoga With The Community

It was an eventful weekend indeed, that began with a “yogathon”. My yoga practice is usually solo, but once in a while I Partake in community yoga sessions. The visiting yogini – Zia Fariya – had planned a ninety minute session. We began with preparatory breathing exercises – deep inhalations and exhalations to bring focus to the breath. This was followed by pranayama to emit toxins from the body, and then Bhastrika or “bellows breath” to increase prana, energize the body, and bring clarity to the mind. The session then continued with full body stretches to warm up in preparation for the actual asanas. Beginning with ten Suryanamaskars, followed by two variations of the classic sequence – ten rounds of each. The asana sequence was divided into upper body, core specific training, and lower body. The upper body sequence involved three variations each of prone and reverse planks.  The lower body strengthening comprised variations of the classic Nataraj pose. Core training consisted of lying down movements for the abdominals and obliques. The “yogathon” concluded with savasana and Tibetan Bowl Healing. An enjoyable and educative session, handled meticulously by the instructor – in spite of a group with varying abilities. I will put up some pictures and videos once the organizers make them available. The sporting brand Decathlon had invited the guest instructor.

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