Tea Tales

As I currently endure temperatures of 30°C and 79% humidity, I dream of cooler climates and holidays I could have been on, and can’t take off right now, but will be going to shortly. This picture was clicked exactly a year ago – when a trip was planned last May to escape the summer heat and take refuge in a hill station far far away from the sweltering conditions back home.

When you wake up freezing in the morning and can’t wait for that hot cup of milky tea. A beverage that you get to consume facing this spectacular view as you begin your day. Actually, I spent most of the day (and other days) like that – reading books and sipping on hot cups of tea. The mountain ranges in the distance are the Nilgiris, which form part of the Western Ghats in Southern India. Often referred to as the blue mountains of Tamil Nadu, the Nilgiris are actually blue. (Neelagiri literally means blue hills.) The bluish flowers of the kurinji shrubs (Strobilanthes kunthianus) gave rise to the name Nilgiris, a name that has been around since 1117 CE. And you can marvel at the blue expanse as you sip on some piping hot Liquid. Nilgiri tea derives it’s name from the same mountain range – the tea is grown in the hills and is distinctively dark and aromatic. Although I like green tea, I don’t enjoy black tea by itself and therefore opt for the milky variety whenever I drink black tea.


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