Bond Over All Things Literary

“It isn’t time that is passing by. It’s you and I.”

~Ruskin Bond

Today is the 84th birthday of Ruskin Bond – an Indian writer of British descent. Bond has given the literary world 67 years of impeccable stories. Not content with a simple Happy Birthday song, one of the members of our book club put together this short snippet comprising Bond’s well known book titles – as a tribute to the author on his special day.

“You may have aged gracefully over the years but your writings are far from ‘Rusty’. Your stories are such compelling reads. No wonder your books take off like ‘A Flight of Pigeons’. It’s a treat to go through the ‘Scenes From a Writer’s Life’. Vivid and lucid, you have managed to bring life to the mountains, rivers and little creatures. It makes one long to walk up the ‘Roads to Mussoorie’ or take the ‘The Night Train to Deoli’, to bask in the glory of nature.

We have learnt through your works that it’s the simplest things in life that being us joy. Whether it is holding ‘The Blue Umbrella’ over our heads during a thunderstorm or just reading about ‘Animal Stories’. Like ‘Vagrants in the Valley’, we travel far and wide. There will be a day when we will return just to see if ‘Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra’. After all you have clearly stated that ‘Delhi is not Far’.

Happy 84th birthday Ruskin Bond. Your works are such priceless treasures that they deserve more than just ‘The Room on the Roof.'”


Bond is coming up with a new book, that he says is inspired by a letter received from a  fan – a young reader from Sri Lanka who sent him a photograph with a note. And Bond set off with a story in his head based on what he saw in the photograph.


These literary birthday wishes were creatively penned down by Swetha Amit – a journalist, triathlete, and a highly well read member who contributes immensely to our book club. She had paid similar literary homage to Jeffrey Archer on his birthday.



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