Of Photographs And Memories

It is sad news indeed that the Daily Prompts and Weekly Photo Challenges are coming to an end. My blog is a couple of months old and I haven’t participated in the weekly photo challenge for that long. This picture I selected is not from what I have shared for the photo challenges (I don’t have that many of them to choose from), but it is one of my All-Time Favorites. This was clicked at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), an annual ten-day festival that celebrates art and culture. The KGAF is held in South Mumbai and is a celebration of music, crafts, artwork, cuisine, literature. There are dances, panel discussions, workshops for both children and adults, reading sessions, food events – all spread out in different areas of town, all day long. The highlight of the Kala Ghoda (meaning “black horse”) festival is the installations – artists from various fields showcase creativity and/or send out social messages through installations. This particular one stood out for me. There were four of these blocks, featuring horses in different formations – a homage to the festival itself. So, the horse has been outlined with pins, and threads have been strung and wound and twisted all through and around the pins to fill up the rest of the body. This was an absolutely grand structure and a marvellous piece of work. Look how intricate it is! The horse is such a glorious animal and this creation was really commendable for depicting it’s magnificence.


6 thoughts on “Of Photographs And Memories”

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