Throwback Thursday – Capoeira Diaries

A throwback Thursday moment – memories of my second Capoeira Batizado. The Batizado is an initiation Ceremony for new students, where they play against more advanced students in an attempt to showcase their skill level and earn the cordão (cord). The colors and gradings of the cords vary from school to school. My Capoeira school begins the grading with cordão verde – the green cord signifying the most basic level of a capoeirista. Once you pass the initiation stage and receive your first cord, all subsequent batizado ceremonies will require you to play against a mestre, as you work your way up towards the higher level cords. I received my cordão verde-amarelo (green-yellow cord) from mestre Chicote from France, whom I had to play against in order to be considered proficient enough for the Troca de cordão – literally meaning “change in cord” ceremony. So, you need to wear the previous level cord while playing in the roda against the mestre, and he ties you the next level cord if he considers you competent enough. Hence the presence of two cords in the picture.

me with chicote
Standing not-too-tall and proud.

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