May Mayhem – Books Of The Month

We’re almost halfway through the year. May was a very busy month – There were a couple of dance shows at the beginning of the month and it was time to the reading habit was redux post intensive rehearsals and stage performances. The super hot and sultry month, however, didn’t see too many books completed. I’m lagging behind on my regional book goals, and settled for some lighter reads in keeping with the season. Many books still have to be reviewed, but upcoming travels will keep them on hold for a while. Here’s an analysis of the books I read in May – three fiction, three non-fiction, and one novel set around true events and characters, along with two short stories. There were two paperbacks and the rest were read on Kindle, considering I had to move around quite a bit.

1) Mind Swapping Madness – Tom E. Moffatt

2) A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness

3) Love Among The Bookshelves – Ruskin Bond (Review coming up)

4) Bump, Bike and Baby – Moire O’Sullivan (Review coming up)

5) The Mango Season – Amulya Malladi

6) Over To You – Roald Dahl

7) Hallucinating Foucault – Patricia Duncker (Review coming up)


Short stories:

1) The Tumor – John Grisham

2) Laurie – Stephen King


I’m attaching the links of the books read from January through April, in case anyone would like to browse through more titles/authors.


6 thoughts on “May Mayhem – Books Of The Month”

  1. “Tumor” by John Grisham was EXCELLENT. I read it in about half an hour or less, was entranced from word one. Such a different style from his usual, rather pedantic lawyer tales.. Other titles you’ve show cased sound intriguing. Thanks for sharing them! 🙂

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    1. That one surprised me as well. I had read Grisham’s “Skipping Christmas” some time ago which was again a detour from his usual genre, but it was quite disappointing. I loved this book for the kind of research he put in for telling the story, and also the images.


  2. […] 1) Shadow – Michael Morpurgo (review coming up)   2) Before You Wake – Adam Nevill   3) Poskem – Wendell Rodricks (review coming up)   4) The Reading Promise – Alice Ozma   5) Traitor – Rakshanda Jalil (review coming up)   6) Faceless – Alyssa Sheinmel (review coming up)   7) Bedbugs – Ben Winters   8) Skating Through – Jennifer Cosgrove   Short story:   Guts – Chuck Palahniuk (review coming up)   I’m attaching the links of the books read from January through May, in case anyone would like to browse through more titles/authors. […]


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