Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend’s shaping up well. Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is “imagination“, submitted by Patty of Lovenlosses.

A perfect chance to apply your own imagination to write on ‘imagination’. Use ‘ragtag daily prompt’, ‘RDP’, and ‘imagination’ as tags so that other bloggers will find it easier to find the prompt and it’s related posts.

Our volunteer prompters and each one’s day of the week are listed below. Following each of them will ensure you have immediate visibility of the day’s prompt when it is posted by the respective blogger.

More details about RDP can be found in this post, and Curious Steph has a page on her blog where all the prompts are listed date-wise – in the event you missed any days, want to browse through the history, or just looking for inspiration to write on a topic. The compilation of daily prompts can be found here.

Happy writing and have a cheerful weekend!

(Here’s my blog-post using the word of the day:

https://curiouscat99.wordpress.com/2018/06/03/imagination-will-take-you-everywhere/ )


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