Indifferent Feelings – Affectionate or Catastrophic


~A. Tobias

I’d rest my case,

But I want to argue.

I want to chase.


It isn’t that you’re all that different.

Perhaps it’s the magic of our distance.

We can sit so close, and still be so far.

We live like a funeral, burning brighter than the stars.


I’d plead for silence,

But I like to argue.

This feeling is half-met violence.


It’s like you’re singing melodies,

Starlight smile, piano key teeth

Like the universe just fell on me.

Gone for a while, hide me in a sheath.


Affection at best,

Catastrophe for sure.

Lost just like the rest.


You’re like a present I never wanted.

A gift I haven’t yet received.

It’s just a matter of indifference, I guess

These feeling for you…

I know it’s just a bit of limerence, at best.


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