Eat Well. Live Simply. Laugh Often.

Wow! Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt brought back some old college memories. This blog is a fun site for the hobbies and activities I like to share with the world (and also connect with like-minded individuals to learn from and grow on the way). I try not to keep my posts too technical for the benefit of my followers who are following and reading about my myriad pursuits. For those of you who are so used to being bombarded by books, running and dance articles, I do have a professional life besides all of these. (Time management is the key!) I am a nutritionist by profession, though I try to keep this blog fun by avoiding too many serious posts. So don’t worry! We’ll stick to tradition and keep this write-up light as well.

Our prompt for today “julienne” transported me to those years of university classes. I majored in Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics with a specialization in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and Sports Nutrition, along with a super specialization in Diabetes Education. Nutrition therapy, however, is not just about planning and prescribing diets on paper but also cooking each of the meals you plan. Principles of food science need to be applied to account for changes in food composition in raw versus cooked foods, meals should be an assorted mix of colors and textures in addition to being palatable. Each food preparation was rated on a “sensory evaluation” chart – an individual score for each parameter (taste, smell, visual appeal etc.), followed by an overall score by adding up the individual gradings.

The cooking practical classes were quite something! Now I’m quite good with my gross motor skills (lifting, punching, jumping), but my fine motor skills are another matter altogether. I’m capable enough to paint, sketch, embroider or engage in any miscellaneous art and craft, but finely dicing and chopping ingredients, applying decorative piping onto cakes or muffins, or cutting vegetables into julienne strips were an enormous task. I still wonder how I got through university exams. (Maybe I made up in theory.)




19 thoughts on “Eat Well. Live Simply. Laugh Often.”

  1. Fun! I do like learning about various aspects of my fellow bloggers lives–the prompts often encourage something to emerge. Good knife skills are impressive, and take a lot of practice, too.

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    1. I don’t write much related to work since I’m anyways doing that all day long. Today’s prompt brought back some fun memories – of attempting to cut something and ending up with something else; with the justification that once it’s eaten it doesn’t matter how thin those strips were. 😀

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  2. Oh my god! I didn’t realise one of my fellow prompters would be professionally qualified to critque my julienning of the carrots in my photo. In my defense, it was a rushed job. But the colours in the photo were nice, don’t you think?
    Heehee. That course you did sounded awfully complex.

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  3. I am absolutely phobic — and probably absurd — about how things are cut. I know it’s probably silly, but I’m convinced if it isn’t cut right, it won’t cook correctly — or look right. Possibly I’m just a bid obsessive compulsive?

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  4. Thanks for the explanation. Julienne is the hardest to evenly cut by hand and I’ve never seen a tool that did so. My mom had a great little machine powered by a handle you rotated on top that grated cheese or potatoes of whatever. It had changeable disks with different sized cutting holes on the blades. I think it was called a Veg-O-Matic. My post gives the name and illustrations of a great dicer that, going by your instructive diagram, are small dice and brunoise size–1/2 and 1/4 inch.

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