Cascade of Words – Poetry Love

Writing has never been one of my hobbies or something I would actively pursue. I love reading though, and had started off this blog in an attempt to connect with fellow bibliophiles. Book reviews formed a large part of my initial blog posts here. Then a few months ago, I joined the Daily Post on WordPress which helped me remarkably in taking the initiative to actually sit and write something. The prompts were a fun way of expanding on things I knew, while also learning new words and concepts on the way. This is why, when the Daily Post ended, a few of us disheartened souls decided to launch the Ragtag Daily Prompt – to build a community of bloggers like ourselves who either love writing and look for matter to write on, or on the other end of the spectrum are complete novices to writing and blogging and are looking for a place to start.

Our prompt for today is “cataract“, whose selection our prompter has described as “technical fun”. The beauty of the daily prompts is to learn something each day, in a fun way by bringing bloggers on a common platform. I was browsing and contemplating on what to write about the chosen word, without rendering my article too technical, when I chanced upon some information that “cataract” is a synonym for “cascade” and “waterfall” (in addition to the progressively degenerating condition of the lens of the eye with which we commonly associate the word.)

Here’s an excerpt from Robert Southey’s “The Cataract of Lodore”:

The cataract strong

Then plunges along,

Striking and raging

As if a war waging

Its caverns and rocks among;

Rising and leaping,

Sinking and creeping,

Swelling and sweeping,

Showering and springing,

Flying and flinging,

Writhing and ringing,

Eddying and whisking,

Sprouting and frisking,

Turning and twisting,

Around and around

With endless rebound:

Smiting and fighting,

A sight to delight in;

Confounding, astounding,

Dizzying and deafening the ear with it’s sound.

The lines are short but I loved the play on words. Here’s the link to the entire poem for those who like poetry and are interested in reading more:

The cover of the book as available on Amazon.



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