Happy Sunday, to all in the blogging world! Hope everyone’s having a glorious weekend. It’s been pouring here the entire weekend and the sun’s barely come out. More time to read and write and enjoy some hot coffee in cool weather.

So here’s our word for the day – “antediluvian”. Write a post using the day’s prompt and share it on the official ragtag community page below.

Here’s my contribution on today’s prompt:



I’ve used this word and enjoyed it for years without thinking what it literally means, but then, one day, I was using it and thought, “It means before the great flood! That’s what it really means!” I guess I’d have known that if I relied more on dictionaries and less on context.

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2 thoughts on “RDP #17 – ANTEDILUVIAN”

  1. These days, it typically is a way of say “a long time ago.” In Hebrew, we had a similar saying which translated to “Before Antiochus was king …” in other words, a really LONG time ago. But it’s fun to go back to the original meaning 🙂

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