Home Away From Home

Holiday diaries seeped in heritage.

This picture is from a place I was living at while travelling around North India. The house is a heritage structure – over a hundred years old. There are two structures that make up the complex – this one rents out three rooms for guests travelling solo, in pairs, or small groups. Larger groups and big families are rented the second structure, a little higher up on the hill. The entire area is surrounded by mist for most of the day, but sometimes it clears out just long enough to get some good photographs – without it looking like you’ve used too much flash in all your pictures.

We were given the first room and there was another mini-group in the last room. And there are rooms within the rooms – the place is enormous. The middle room being unoccupied, the few of us had the entire corridor to ourselves. I loved the old world charm of the decor and found the checkered floor pattern particularly striking. The modest wooden furniture, window panes and roof, were off-set by the colorful upholstery and flooring. I have usually noticed floorings with dual-colored checks. The presence of three hues should have overwhelmed the place, considering the multitude of colors on the chairs and couches, but it made the atmosphere even more sedate. The vintage vibe upheld the heritage background of the house.



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