As we kickstart the last week of June, let’s welcome our new prompter ‘gizzylaw’. Gizzylaw has joined our team of ragtaggers and will be posting the word of the day on Sundays. Today’s prompt is “rejuvenate”. Let’s hear a warm welcome for gizzylaw from the ragtag community. Send in a post using “rejuvenate” and share it on the official ragtag page below.

Here’s my contribution for gizzylaw’s inaugural prompt:


Hm… A word.

Letters grouped together that have meaning.

Or so we have been taught.

A word that makes one think.

A word that makes one feel.

Is the meaning the same for you? or you? or you? or me?

Let’s find out.

Today’s prompt is……


I dare you to surprise me!

You know the rules (most of you, I bet) just write what you will–a song, a poem, an essay, a story. Let your creativity run wild (sorta). Set your pingback and use the tags “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt” and “rejuvenate”. Don’t forget to read everyone else’s posts. Then check out their blogs. You might find something or someone interesting.

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