Jubilant June – Mid-Year Literary Analysis

With June coming to an end, we’re halfway through the year. I was travelling quite a bit, so it was a fun month, though I found my reading to be well spaced out. The super hot and sultry May paved way for the monsoon season, replete with heavy downpours and gloomy weather. But what better than books and coffee to counteract being cooped up indoors and add some much needed cheer? Here’s an analysis of the books I read in June – two horror books, five fiction books set around real-world scenarios, one memoir, along with one short story. There were five paperbacks and the rest were read on Kindle. Many books still have to be reviewed, and I will get down to them as time permits.

1) Shadow – Michael Morpurgo (review coming up)
2) Before You Wake – Adam Nevill
3) Poskem – Wendell Rodricks (review coming up)
4) The Reading Promise – Alice Ozma
5) Traitor – Rakshanda Jalil (review coming up)
6) Faceless – Alyssa Sheinmel (review coming up)
7) Bedbugs – Ben Winters
8) Skating Through – Jennifer Cosgrove
Short story:
Guts – Chuck Palahniuk (review coming up)
I’m attaching the links of the books read from January through May, in case anyone would like to browse through more titles/authors.

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