The Resurrected Runner

Medals are more than just mementos of an event. They are reminders of what it took to reach that occasion, and everything you strove for to get there. Those of you who have been following my blog since a while, might be aware that I was in an accident last year. I suffered from nerve damage – the entire right leg being paralysed from hip to foot. For a marathon runner and dancer this was a tremendous setback, to not be able to move. With intense physiotherapy, yoga and Pilates, I have picked up the pieces (and paces) gradually. A few weeks ago I had posted about returning to the stage. This weekend, I ran my first event since the accident.

This picture is of the medal which was awarded to runners at the 8th anniversary run of a city-wide running group, that brings together running clubs from all over to celebrate running together as one community of long distance runners. I ran a measly 5k – a far departure from the usual 26.2 miles I’m accustomed to, but it was great being on the road again with fellow runners. Racing season has started here and I look forward to more events – stepping it up gradually to 10k and half marathon races. I doubt I’ll be able to run full marathons this year. But this medal is a pleasant reminder of what I was and where I can be. Time to resurrect the training plans, running gear, and the runner herself, whom the roads have been waiting for all along.


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