Life In The Skies With Mikhail Lermontov

Some poetry, anyone?

Tomes and Tales

Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov – writer, poet, painter, and one of the greatest figures of Russian romanticism. Here is one of his poems, CLOUDS.

Clouds in the skies above, heavenly wanderers,

Long strings of flowy pearls stretched over azure plains!

Exiles like I, you rush farther and farther on,

Leaving my dear North, go distances measureless.

What drives you southward? Isn’t envy that covertly

Prods you or malice whose arrows strike openly?

Destiny is it? A crime hanging over you?

Or friendship’s honeyed but poisonous calumny?

No! O’er those barren wastes heedlessly journeying,

Passion you know not or anguish or punishment,

Feeling you lack, you are free – free eternally,

You have no homeland, for you there’s no banishment.


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