Monday Mumbles And Murmurs

Some onomatopoeia fun, anyone?

Here’s a poem by Betsy Franco to add some zing to counteract the Monday blues, if any.


Whirr, whirr –       A spinning fan

Zing, zap –              A rubber band

Thud, bonk –          A math book falls

Boing, boing –        A rubber ball

Grrr, grrr –             The sharpener

Vroom, vroom –    The lawn mower

Rap, rap –                Someone knocks

Tick-tock –              The classroom clock

It’s tough to do my work today

‘cos all the sounds get in the way!

Whirr, thud, vroom, zap,

grrr, boing, rap, rap

Sounds in the room

never stop…

tick-tock, tick-tock,

tick-tock, tick-tock


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