Forging Connections

Another well spent Sunday morning in the company of fellow runners from around the city.


And then I came across this picture in today’s news, featuring people practicing yoga as part of the La Parisienne event in front of the Eiffel Tower.


What is it about community events like these that bring people together? They are extremely beneficial for recreational athletes and fitness enthusiasts who might not be professionally trained in a sport or particular activity, but look forward to being active as a form of healthy living and fitness. One doesn’t need to be engaged competitively in order to practice an athletic endeavor. In such situations, people seek to connect with other kindred spirits who share the same interests.

Our run this weekend, comprised people running across varied distances. The route was the same, but some ran the half marathon distance, some did a 10k, while others completed any chosen distance on the route. It is the friendships that people forge with like-minded individuals, and the camaraderie they share that make community events fun and fruitful affairs.


2 thoughts on “Forging Connections”

  1. When I lived in France, and was an active member of a walking group, I found that regularly mega-walks were organised which attracted hundreds of people. I found this went somewhat against what most people look for in the countryside, namely a bit of peace. Yes, I met interesting people, but I tended to find them enervating rather than exhilarating. Maybe it’s just me…..

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    1. In the current selfie age, you do come across some characters who show up only to click pictures for their social media, rather than have any real involvement in the activity. I keep these community events to once a month – my usual training, whether running or yoga, is a solo activity or with known groups.


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