Buddy Reading – Weekend Goals

I’m “buddy reading” this book with a friend. Has anyone tried this? Pairing up with another reader to read the same book simultaneously, and discuss as you go along. We are in different countries and reading across different time zones, but have been discussing the chapters as we read through.┬áIt does slow down the individual reading speed, because you pause when something catches your attention, not just for personal reflection but to talk about it with the other person. And if each one’s reading speed is different, you pause again to consider where the other one has reached. It’s quite an experience, however, to discuss as you go along rather than at the end.

This “experiment” evoked some memories of childhood and adolescence, of the “buddy system” while studying in school and college. Though the goal at the time was academic excellence, this time round there was no particular reason for doing it – we could have anyways discussed the book at the end. That’s what usually happens at book clubs. With academic books, the idea is to get through the study material for a paper or exam. The experience with non-academic books is quite different – each reader can read the same book differently. And you get to know the other’s persons’s interpretation of the story and their point of view which makes you think and look at what you are reading from a different angle as well. We are about half way through the book, and I hope to try this again. It has been fun so far. (Oh and the book is quite interesting too. I will review it when we finish.)