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When curiosity flares up and you can’t help yourself…

The first picture was taken about three years ago, when my older cat was obstructing my Italian lessons. The second picture features the newest kitten in the household snooping around my German workbook. They’re not called curious cats for nothing! 😸



Avvolta Nella Nebbia Di Poesia (Wrapped Up In The Fog Of Poetry)


Una poesia di Andrea Abbondandolo dalla collezione “Sigarette”.

Bianca signora
Che ogni ora offuschi
Splendente in tanti lustri
Il mondo è la tua dimora

Da te passa tutto
Ma non cio che non vuoi
Piangi su ogni cosa come in lutto
Ti sendi in mille pezzi e poi

Mi guardi con gli invisibili occhi tuoi
Vedi me mai onnipresente distrutto
Lontano dal mio dolce sunto
Entri in me e con me


For English readers:

Nebbia is a poem by Andrea Abbondandolo from the collection “Sigarette”. The book is available only in Italian so I have attempted to translate this poem. I’m not a poet; just sharing some literature from around the world that I liked, and my understanding of it. The title translates to “fog” and the poet expresses his impression using figures of speech. The personification is writ large as the poet refers to the clouds of tiny water droplets as “white lady”, who blurs every hour but is shiny and lustrous when visible, sharing her lustre with the world. The composition is an address to Fog, and continues with the poet speaking to her about how everything passes through her, with her crying over it all – as if grieving, as she splits into a thousand pieces whenever someone or something moves through her. She looks over us with invisible eyes and watches our destruction as she enters into us, and with us, onto the ground.

The poetry book “Sigarette” – for Italian readers who would like to read the collection.