When Running Gives Way To Riding

I’d Rather Be…

Running is one activity that always comes to mind when I’m stuck indoors at work or at home, and rather be pounding the pavement outside. This picture, however, was taken when I was actually at a run – an outstation marathon event that took us through the Nilgiri Mountain Range in South India. I was anyways there to run, but the sight of this row of bikes made me want to rather be motorcycling. The bikers had ridden down from another state and happened to stop at the same hotel we were put up at post run for breakfast. Being a marathon runner and accustomed to covering long distances on foot, I’ve always wanted to try out long distance riding – I have gone for a couple of shorter distance rides, but these were all day trips. I would love to do a long distance, cross country motorcycle ride and that has been one of my long term goals.