Entering A Bookstore

The beauty of bookstores that lead you to your favorite books. Something that online portals and ebook shopping cannot recreate.

Tomes and Tales

A warm welcome to the world of books. This “open book” features at the entrance of a bookstore. You enter where the “cover” is – literally having to “close the book” as you open the door. Such an ingenious bookish idea to greet patrons and have bibliophiles coming back for more.

book door

The text is a poem by Safdar Hashmi – a playwright and director, who was highly involved in street theatre. For those who would like to know what the lines mean, I am translating the contents below.

talk to us
of past eras
of worlds, of people,
of today, tomorrow or yesterday
of each day, each moment
of happiness or gloom
of flowers or bombs
of victories or losses
of love or loss.
Won’t you listen,
to the talks of these books?
The books want to say something…
They want to live with you
Sparrows chirp in these…

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