Living Your Dreams, And Your Nightmares

The Daily Post coming to an end, sadly discontinued many of their activities that bloggers were following. A bunch of us have resurrected the daily prompts in our own way, by forming a team where one member shares a word for the day. Since the Ragtag initiative is in infancy stages, we haven’t yet decided on a separate project for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Wednesday is my day for selecting the prompt (woohoo!!), and since I loved participating in the photo challenges, I’m proposing a photo depiction using the word of the day.

When dreams turn to reality, which sometimes turn into nightmares. It is said, “it is hard to wake from a nightmare when you aren’t even asleep”.

I love trekking and take to the hills every year in the monsoons when nature is lush. This picture is from a climb up a fort – undertaken a year ago – that had resulted in an accident. I had a fall on the descent and suffered from nerve damage.  For the following two months, the entire right leg was paralysed from hip to foot. Being a dancer and marathoner, it was a huge setback to not be able to move. Books, art, music served as a refuge. This blog was also an outcome of the accident. Since I was homebound and couldn’t do much, I began writing. And it has been wonderful connecting with fellow bloggers here.

This photo holds several meanings for me – dream-like for the wonderful day spent with friends, being in the lap of nature, climbing up a part of history (those are ruins of a fort we climbed up). And nightmarish for the fall and it’s outcome. It is also a perfect analogy for life – the good and the bad always balance out. It’s how we choose to see, accept and grow from each experience.


Those of you who loved the Weekly Photo Challenge, share a picture depicting the word of the day for you.