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Holiday haul!

Writer Jhumpa Lahiri had famously quoted how books let you travel without moving your feet. (Courtesy: The Namesake). Books have another role to play in our travels as well – accompanying us as reliable travel buddies when we actually move around the world. I always carry a book or two on holiday – a theme picked based on the place I’m going to visit or explore. In addition, I have a quirk of picking up books (and bookmarks and postcards) from places I travel to – a kind of memento as remembrance of the trip whenever I flip through their pages in future. Locating local bookstores and sourcing books is a must-have on my itinerary wherever I go. This picture depicts my latest haul from my most recent trip – a¬†smorgasbord¬†of titles, authors and genres from three different bookstores.

Has anyone read these books or other titles by the same authors? Feedback is always appreciated. And of course, I’ll share reviews as I go along.