Magical Weekend

Everyone could use a little magic now and then. Admittedly, these are not very magical times, but we need to make the most of what we have, where we are. Some magic poured in today in the form of sun rays, with the sun deciding to peek in after days of rains, bringing some much required light and brightness in its wake. My rescue cat Jax dropped by for story time. We are soaking up the adventures of Geralt (of Rivia) and Roach (his horse) with the first book of the Witcher series, ironically titled “The Last Wish” – an English translation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Polish original. I finished watching the series last week and am having a go at the books now. The kindle has been a life saver with the absence of paperbacks due to the lockdown. A day filled with djinns, elves, wizards, sorceresses, spells and elixirs – a magical weekend indeed.


A Bibliophile’s Farewell to 2018

Last book of the last weekend of the year. We got this! 💪😼📖

The curiosities of cats never cease. This little guy is about two months old. He was found abandoned soon after birth, and has been hand-reared. He’s one among the bookworm coterie now. 🤓 We’re looking forward to a cozy weekend with a classic Christmassy mystery – a whodunit written in the 1940s.