Weekend Whimsical Woes

“Book lovers reward themselves with finishing a book by buying more books. Sometimes we don’t even finish before buying more. We congratulate ourselves for buying books by buying more books.”

Searching, sorting, shuffling. Weekends are for sifting through and clearing out bookshelves. Usually I clean one or two shelves or a stand every other week, and the e-books on the Kindle are sorted out and arranged neatly on alternate weekends. I was looking for a book today, and had to empty out a little more than one shelf. Here’s what came tumbling out. A pleasant reminder that my book collection is hardly ever going to be Depleted. There’s so much to learn that I just can’t stop procuring them. I don’t have access to a library nearby, causing me to either buy or borrow books. Fiction is usually borrowed – ones that I know I wouldn’t want to waste shelf space on. The majority of my personal collection comprises non-fiction, with a few fiction ones that I liked or came highly recommended. Some people ask me how I manage to read so much. But if you do something you love, you take the time out to indulge in it. And rather than depleting ones resources of energy or time or money, erudition and being cognizant makes you feel more energized to, time is spent constructively in learning, and money is utilized in acquiring knowledge.